Hyundai Digital Key

What is Hyundai Digital Key?

From SmartSense advanced safety features to Bluelink® connected car services, Hyundai continues to push the limits of automotive innovation, and Hyundai Digital Key is the next step in the automaker’s evolution. This new technology bridges the gap between vehicle and smartphone, allowing Iowa drivers to unlock their doors, start their car or SUV, and create driver presets, all from their compatible phone.

You can even share your digital key with someone else! Take a ride with Vern Eide Hyundai Sioux City as we explore Hyundai Digital Key, its components, and its functionality.

Hyundai Digital Key App

What is the Hyundai Digital Key app? As a free download from the Apple or Google app stores, this smartphone app has everything you need to set up the Hyundai Digital Key system. While the app does not have to be open to use its functions, it does allow for Bluetooth®-enabled features that will expand your remote capabilities.

Download Hyundai Digital Key App From Google Play
Download Hyundai Digital Key App From Apple App Store

How Does Hyundai Digital Key Work?

Hyundai Digital Key employs Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to access certain vehicle operations. NFC is used for security purposes, as it requires a closer proximity between your smartphone and the system’s reader, preventing others from entering or starting your vehicle. So how does it work?

Hyundai Digital Key Availability

Digital Key is available for Samsung, Google, and Apple devices and can be set up using the MyHyundai with Bluelink app or by visiting

Digital Key is compatible with these phone devices.

  • Unlock the Doors: Simply hold your smartphone up to the driver or passenger side door.
  • Start the Vehicle: Place your smartphone on the wireless charging pad, press the start button, and be on your way.
  • Driver Presets: Program the driver-seat and mirror position, climate controls, audio preferences, and more via the Hyundai Digital Key.
  • Shared Key: If a family member or friend has a compatible Android smartphone they will be able to use Hyundai Digital Key. The individual will need to create a MyHyundai account and download the free Hyundai Digital Key app, and then you can send them an invite via the app to receive their Shared Key. (Hyundai owners can have up to three Shared Keys.)

What Can I Do With My Hyundai Digital Key?

With digital key, you are in control! You can choose to share your key with friends or family, you can set custom profiles for climate, mirrors, audio, seat position, and more. You can lock, unlock, and start your Hyundai vehicle anytime, anywhere. Use your SmartWatch or your phone’s wallet to access and control your vehicle. The scenarios and possibilities are endless!

What If I Have Questions About Hyundai Digital Key?

Give us a call, fill in the contact form, or stop by your Vern Eide Hyundai dealer in Sioux City, Iowa. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you get the hang of Hyundai’s Digital Key technology.

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